The Parlour

Available all day from breakfast to brunch, then music and cocktails
Breakfast & Brunch from 7am - 5pm (7 days a week),
Bar Snacks and Cocktails from 5pm - 2am (Mon - Sat), 5pm - 12am (Sun)
Walk-in basis only

Dress code: Art smart
We ask our guests to dress with a sense of style and character
Shorts are not permitted

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Redesigned by proprietor Mourad Mazouz and designer Andres Ros Soto sketchs Parlour is reminiscent of early 90s decadence: not neo just very new, very now.
By day lounge in the quirky and eccentric patisserie, an oddity in Mayfair, it continues to thrive outside of the trends as an original.
Not a concept but a theory A theory that believes that eclecticism is also the winning formula for a good night
A carefully selected crowd of individuals from all walks of life are gathered together to dance, lounge, and unwind under the neon lights. With a diverse entertainment offering curated by Resident DJ Greg Pidcock, and Bars Manager Pepijn Vanden Abeeles signature cocktails, an eccentric vibe is created which is unlike any other in London. Every night invigorates, inspires and unifies.