Satiate the senses with delights to treat a companion or two…or perhaps an allure just for you. A whimsical selection of Blaue Blume tea sets, silicone cups...and sketch playing cards…to rival even Alices Queen of Hearts…

Lest not forget a gastronomical tome by the Master of the molecular…Pierre Gagnaire’s ‘Reinventing French Cuisine’

A quirky collection for all to see…just pop into the Parlour Boutique… or email

Blaue Blume teaset by Undergrowth Design

Teacup and saucer £35
Milk jug £35
Sugar bowl £35
Teapot £65
Three tier cake stand £128
6" plate £12
7" plate £17
9" plate £22
2 cups and 2 saucers £79
Complete teaset (teapot, 2 cups and saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl) £221

Full teset collection
Tea cup Milk jug Sugar bowl 9 inch plate Teapot Three teir cake stand 6 inch plate 7 inch plate

Other sketch items

"Reinventing French Cuisine" by Pierre Gagnaire (signed copy) £35
Pair of sketch Champagne glass £25
sketch silicone espresso cup and saucer £20
Momo "Arabesque Arba’a" CD £15
sketch playing Cards £5

Cookbook Champagne glass Silicone espresso cup and saucer Arabesque Arabia CD Playing cards