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Gallery: "When it comes to striking the right mood, few can do it better than Sketch Gallery. With an omnipresent palette of pink and a dream-like ambience, this London institute has been the go-to romance destination for tastemakers and well-heeled scenesters since 2003... With its candyfloss-styled appearance and menu thats akin to a gastronomic riddle, Sketch is an OTT culinary playground thats sure to impress anyone you take there"
The Gentleman's Journal 2018

Gallery: "Since Mahdavi made that particularly intuitive choice, The Gallery at sketch has become a reference point within the interior design community. Velvet, Pop-inpsired, furniture is now more ubiquitous than ever, as is of course, millennial pink"
Vogue 2018

Gallery: "the famous sketch Gallery dining room, designed by India Mahdavi, which illustrates pink's unique combination of frivolity and sassiness"
City A.M. 2018

Gallery: "Iconic Mayfair Destination sketch never fails to amaze - even more so now that a new exhibition by David Shrigley adorns the walls!"
Country & Townhouse 2018

Lecture Room: "Its elegant, its palatial and its a gastronomic jewel in Londons already gleaming crown... The service? Slicker than a Rolex chronometer"
The Gentleman's Journal 2017

Lecture Room: "fabulously camp" decor of this "spectacular" Mayfair dining room"
Hardens Guide 2017

Lecture Room: ""Take you sense of humour and embrace the place" fans sat of this "crazy,wonderful" chamber - "a stunning" space on the first floor of a huge Mayfair palazzo."
Hardens Guide 2017

Gallery: "Only Mourad Mazouz, man of exception style, and Pierre Gagnaire, chef extraordinaire and master of culinary legerdemain, could have produced the Gallery at sketch. The David Shrigley-designed room, a vison of pink, is made for partying, with its great sounds and sound system."
Tatler 2017

Gallery & Parlour: "At sketch you have two options for tea. There's the David Shrigley-designed Gallery, a windowless but ehteral, all-pink confection, where afternoon tea follows the more traditional path of sandwiches and scones, or there's the sunny Parlour, with its windows on Conduit Street, where you can eat divine snacks, cakes and pastries a la carte... It's impossible to to choose"
Tatler 2017

Lecture Room: "The stunning Lecture Room & Library at sketch is nearly-legendary Frenchg Chef Pierre Gagnaire's London outpost. Expect the unexpected. Which is to say an 18th-century first-floor room with extravagant art deco design and an outpouring of creativity that owes nothing to the culinary shenanigans but everything to techniqeu and clarity. The finest produce... What an experience."
Tatler 2017

"Sketch is one of those establishments that surpasses the barrier of restaurant as such and becomes a destination in itself, an intriguing and theatrical place full of surprises... Sketch is a separate... Sketch remains relevant for the same reasons that it was when it opened, back in 2002"
Conde Nast Traveller 2017

Gallery: "The salmon interiors at sketch is always on point"
Time Out 2017

Gallery: "The latest place du jour for the fashion crowd happens to house the prettiest afternoon tea out there"
Country & Townhouse 2017

"sketch is a must visit parlour of pink and frivolity"
Country & Townhouse 2017

Glade: "Londons newest must-see bote"
Architectural Digest 2017

"Londons most sensorially stimulating restaurant, bar and art space sketch has become a London icon since opening in 2013. An idiosyncratic blend of ineffable luxury and off the wall interiors, each visit feels like a tumble down the rabbit hole into Wonderland"
The London Economic 2017

"Take sketch for example, whose all-pink David Shrigley interior and egg-shaped toilets have become photogenic sensations"
The Independent 2017

Lecture Room: "Say hello to one of the most beautiful rooms in London: the magnificent two Michelin-starred Lecture Room & Library @sketchlondon. Three words: interior design goals."
Evening Standard Go London 2017

Glade: "Brunch is given a chic twist by Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire"
Luxury London 2017

Glade: "Like a magical fairy ring, the Glade in Sketch transports visitors to an enchanted land Designed by Sketch founder Mourad Mazouz in collaboration with artist Carolyn Quartermaine, the bars interiors create a peaceful atmosphere and offer a much-needed break from the citys busy streets through a highly sensorial and immersive dining experience"
Frame Magazine 2017

"Walking into sketch is akin to falling down a rabbit hole. The eccentric room these, dream-like decor and Wes Anderson-style colour palette will have any Alice wannabees head over heels for this wonderland."
Stylist Magazine 2017

"Prepare for sensory indulgence with the mouthwatering menu and highly styled interior"
Elle Decoration 2017

"an iconic space, this interior by playful designer India Mahdavi was popular before "Millennial Pink" was even a thing"
The Culture Trip 2017

Glade: "The decor at The Glade (and throughout the whole building) is so contemporary, it's almost futuristic. Simply, the setting is absolutely stunning and must be seen to be believed The Glade is an absolute must-visit, even if only to experience the striking interiors. Prepare to have your breath snatched away, though. After multiple visits over the past two years, I'm still shocked every time I step from Conduit Street into sketchs unique central London Wonderland."
The London Economic 2017

Gallery: That would be the spectacle of an afternoon tea at the Gallery room at sketch London"
Glass Magazine 2017

Breath-taking decor"
BBC Good Food 2016

"Sketch is more than a restaurant. Design is at the forefront of this social environment"
Evening Standard 2016

"The David Shrigley-designed Gallery at French-accented sketch is witty and war, and the mix of co-owners Mourad Mazouzs style and Pieres Gagnaires food is pure magic"
Tatler Online 2016

"sketch is the most Instagrammed location in the WHOLE of London You'll see why when you get there"
Tatler Online 2016

Parlour: "London's best scones and pastries"
Tatler Restaurant Guide 2016

Gallery: "The exquisite afternoon tea has hit cult status"
Wallpaper Guide 2016

Gallery: "It is a setting tailormade for an endearingly eccentric, quintessentially British afternoon tea"
The Telegraph 2016

Gallery: "The pink, plush spot for a pot of good British tea is feminie, modern, and unexpected all at once"
Vogue India 2016

"sketch is a thing of dreams... Guests are taken on a multisensory journey"
Four Magazine 2016

Lecture Room: "Dishes combine a variety of traditional ingredients and flavours in such a refined way that they emerge as pieces of artwork"
Four Magazine 2016

Gallery: "The Gallery is hard to beat for kitsch opulence"
Time Out Magazine 2016

Gallery: "A pastel paradise"
Time Out Magazine 2016

Gallery: "sketch is setting a new standard for afternoon tea"
Time Out Magazine 2016

"I challenge you to go to sketch and leave without a daft smile on your face"
Huffington Post 2016

Gallery: "sketch is the name on most peoples lips when you ask for a high tea recommendation"
Marie Clare Online 2016

Lecture Room: "Sketch Lecture Room creates a wonderland far beyond simple gimmickry. Sketch is brave enough to have some fun whist being skilled enough to back it up with culinary clout when it counts"
The Gentleman's Journal 2016

Gallery: "The reimagined tea Sketch takes a jovial, unserious approach to the ritual"
The Wall Street Journal 2016

Gallery: "perfect for afternoon tea"
Architectural Digest 2016

"Sophisticated and luxurious... Art, design, architecture, food, drink and fashion; sketch brings together everything SEEN loves"
SEEN 2016

"The marriage of London eccentricity and French tradition... sketch brings an extra touch of finesse to the experience"
Quintessentially 2016

"innovative and unusual"
The Resident 2016

"At this two-floor food, art and music complex in London’s Mayfair, having a great time is a prerogative"
The EDIT: Net-a-Porter 2015

Gallery: Mahdavi has created a fantastical room setting that preserves Sketch's super-cool reputation.
Elle 2015

Gallery: Review of David Shrigley's ceramics.
Dezeen Magazine 2015

"Gagnaire is famous for his magical combinations and juxtapositions"
The Sunday Times 2015

Gallery: If the surroundings are a work of art, the dishes can be too"
AA Restaurant Guide 2014

Gallery: We once thought that little could better the ceremony of afternoon tea. And then we took it at Sketch, and we thought we'd reached the zenith of pleasure. And then Sketch brought David Shrigley to tea, and our tiny little cream tea-filled heads nearly exploded over their brand new bubblegum pink walls"
Fabric Magazine 2014

Lecture Room: The skill of Gagnaire's team is such that each section of the menu continually reawakens the palate. Amid the sensory riot, smooth service supplies a calm counterpoint....”
Time Out Guide 2013

Gallery: Why have less when you can have more? is the attitude at Sketch, Pierre Gagnaire's wonderfully OTT gastronomic playground for well-heeled scenesters... There's a proper sense of creativity to the menu... The wine list is imaginatively chosen, and service is sweet and switched-on. Ten years on, this is still a place with wow factor.”
Time Out Guide 2013

Lecture Room: Assaulting the senses, confounding the expectations, has always been what the multifaceted sketch is about...”
The Good Food Guide 2013

Lecture Room: ...Extraordinary: visually-stunning assemblages of flavour and texture, with a generous side order of theatre along the way”
AA - The Restaurant Guide 2013

Gallery: Work No 1343 [Martin Creed Gallery] is ambitious, interesting and has an undeniable aesthetic impact"
It's Nice That 2012

Gallery: Look down at your feet to catch Creed's Work No. 1347, a zigzagging pattern of 96 different types of marble”
FT Weekend Magazine 2012

Gallery: Continuing his creative diversification, Martin Creed is transforming the Mayfair interior into a riot of stripes, block colour and mismatch furnishings"
Harpers Bazaar 2012

Gallery: We can't wait to see Creed's floor design"
Living Etc 2012

Gallery: A restaurant and design exhibition rolled into one"
Elle Deco 2012

Gallery: Art obsessed foodies, take note"
New York Times Style magazine 2012

Gallery: This is a very human place, it's not alienating"
Independent 2012

Gallery: It's hard not to be won over by the wit and energy of Creed's creation not to mention the detail and craftsmanship in the flooring, and the burst of colour that brings the whole project together"
Wallpaper 2012

Gallery: This space will make you look at the stuff you surround yourself with in an entirely new way"
Sunday Times Style Magazine 2012

Lecture Room: "Pierre Gagnaire's astonishing food isn't the only talking point at this stylish celebration of art and luxury. The service is immaculately mannered and the room itself has the power to wow..."

Gallery: "A footloose and unfettered trip around the world in gloriously ostentatious surroundings."

Parlour: "Superstar Chef Pierre Gagnaire's creative touch is evident in dishes such as the club sandwich"
Time Out London 2012 (Hand picked as Time Out's Hot 50)

Lecture Room: "Each course, designed by Pierre Gagnaire and cooked by Jean-Denis le Bras, is a multiple play on ideas and ingredients... indulgence is indeed, highly likely."
Good Food Guide 2012

Gallery: "A footloose and unfettered trip around the world in gloriously ostentatious surroundings"
Good Food Guide 2012

Lecture Room: "The menu bares the stamp of Pierre Gagnaire’s inventive flare. Delivering a range of visually stunning and technically brilliant dishes that hit the mark with remarkable flavours and textures"
AA Restaurant Guide 2012, Awarded 3 Rosettes for the Gallery, Awarded 5 Rosettes for the Lecture Room

Lecture Room: "Fabulous, opulent claret-coloured décor to marvel at (rated London’s No. 1) sets a beautiful stage  at this masterpiece in a Mayfair town house. A magical experience for the palate as well as the eyes, brought to the table by staff who treat everyone like a VIP."

Gallery: "Impress guests and pen sketch into your diary, a hip, surreal and magical restaurant."
Zagat Guide 2012

Lecture Room: "Delivering a range of modern French dishes that are visually stunning, technically brilliant, and hit the mark with their remarkable flavours and textures."

Gallery: "Uber fashionable brasserie with modern cooking."
AA Restaurant Guide 2011, Awarded 3 Rosettes for the Gallery, Awarded 5 Rosettes for the Lecture Room

"Sketch has the most explosive design of any restaurant in London."
Good Food Guide 2011

"Dining in this luxe, avant-garde Mayfair mansion is a somewhat surreal experience... Pierre Gagnaire's modern European menu is outstanding."
Zagat Guide 2011

"If you have a foodie bone in your body, you have to visit this palatial dining room (complete with royal service) serving Modern Euro fare."
Zagat Guide 2010

"...the Lecture Room & Library multiplies the trappings of fabulousness, creating a singular experience during which guests will want for nothing..."
The Good Food Guide 2010

"It is modern French cooking at it's best."
AA Restaurant Guide 2010

"...dishes that dazzle with their technical proficiency, hit the mark with their remarkable flavours and textures and delight with their eye-ctching presentations."
AA Restaurant Guide 2010

"French super chef Pierre Gagnaire oversees the menu, which includes simple hearty dishes such as macaroni cheese, as well as quirky, high-concept dishes that salute the haute cuisine served upstairs."
Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide 2010

"No matter what you're wearing, you'll probably feel some the glamour rubbing off."
Time Out Eating & Drinking Guide 2010

"Dishes bear the unmistakable creative genius of consultant Pierre Gagnaire’s distinctive culinary style, exciting, innovative and technically superb. The very best quality fresh produce is transformed into an enormous range of textures and flavours, ensuring a surprise at each turn. It’s complex and deeply French, with dishes combining many elements…"
AA Restaurant Guide 2009, Awarded 5 Rosettes

"The interior design remains utterly unique, a sumptuous pleasure palace of padded white leather walls…theatricality is all part of the appeal of a restaurant that aims to offer event dining rather than everyday eating..."
The Good Food Guide UK 2009

"…it’s stunning. The décor is jaw-doppingly ambitious, with comfort and ambience combing effortlessly with beauty and art…you are unlikely to find better French food outside France."
GQ Restaurant Guide 2009

"…this whimsical, enchanting Modern European in Mayfair is like going first-class on a surreal ocean liner…highly quirky cuisine obviously master minded by a genius."
Zagat London Restaurants 2009

"The culinary mainspring is Pierre Gagnaire and his food is truly cutting-edge stuff."
Charles Campion’s London Restaurant Guide 2009

"Theatrical, quirky and fabulously indulgent …service was a memorable, well orchestrated, faultless performance…"
Time Out London Eating and Drinking Guide 2009

"…the opulent and extravagant décor is matched by the theatricality of the Gagnaire dining experience."
Restaurant Magazine Top 100 UK Restaurants 2008 Awards (voted 29th top restaurant in the UK)

"Well-deserved Michelin star for this sensational venture. Extraordinary interiors; unusual, delicious cooking."
Sandrae Lawrence, Where London, June 2008

"Fashion and media locals love the sexy room with its dark colours and secret corners."
Jennifer Sharp, Hedge Magazine, June 2008

"…this place has bags of atmosphere and well cooked, sophisticated food…think Michelin style, very complex French food with confident presentation…at the basis of everything is a respect for quality ingredients."
Charles Campion, Evening Standard 21 July 2008

"There’s something about the atmosphere at the Gallery that makes you feel like you’re at some kind of party."
Steven Short, Fabric Magazine, September 2008

"Sketch is a creative cornucopia of delightful design, stunning style, decadent drinks and fabulous food…it has won countless awards both at home and internationally for the exhilarating level its cuisine, service and décor continually reaches. If you want to impress, this is without a doubt the place to do it."
Style Guide London, September 2008

"Stunning venue, combining art and food, creating an experience of true sensory stimulation. Vibrant dining options: Lecture Room or Library. Highly original, complex cooking."
sketch Lecture Room And Library - Michelin Guide 2007, Awarded 1 star

"Supporters laud the creative and beautiful pastries and great atmosphere of this lovely café and lunch spot."
sketch Parlour - Hardens London Restaurant Guide 2007

"Those hankering after a piece of the Pierre Gagnaire action…have a more gently priced option within this shrine to aesthetic gastronomy…the restless exuberance of the cooking style makes its own statement."
sketch Gallery – The Good Food Guide 2007

"Glade isn’t any old woodland clearing. Part of work-of-art-cum-gastro-complex Sketch, it involves sunset-shaded walls studded with Swarovski crystals, designer light-fittings hewn from tree branches, and beautiful wooden tables. And don’t go expecting a rustic picnic; you’ll find some decidedly stylish bites."
sketch Glade – The Square Meal Guide 2007

"The Lecture Room and Library is the ultimate fine diner in the Sketch gastro complex and it’s where French master chef Pierre Gagnaire and head chef Pascal Sanchez go all out to show the world what they are made of. At the top for food, meals here are a sensual voyage of discovery."
sketch Lecture Room and Library – The Square Meal Guide 2007
awarded 2 stars

"This is generally the sort of food I would run naked to avoid. But on the plate, some of it was innovatively, ululatingly sublime... a bewildering variety of dishes that looked supremely elegant"
Adrian Anthony Gill – 1954 – 2016 – Couragous in every way