We are on a constant search to find music which is reflective of the mood and the time. Our approach is all about fusing musical genres to diversify the landscape of sound, an eclectic overture to music programming. We inspire and aspire to everything…you can expect a play list with classical to electro-pop, from reggae to funk and nu-jazz, with ambient beats to movie soundtracks, from folk to country, deep-techno to house, with electronica to rock…

Mathieu Massadian

Our music Director began his career in 1994 for the Parisian record label Pschent, famous for ‘Hotel Costes’ an internationally acclaimed set of compilations. During this time Mathieu became well versed in production, licensing, manufacturing, and promotion within the music industry. With an accomplished amount of knowledge under his belt, Mathieu moved to Radio Nova’s record label ‘Nova Records’ as Label Manager in Paris. Mathieu produced a generous amount of albums including ‘Nova Tunes’, ‘Nova Classics’ and ‘Tests’ Without a need for encouragement, and with his desire to accomplish a thorough understanding of music, Mathieu began programming guest DJ playlists on air… With this natural progression into the inner workings of music, Mathieu found his calling…in London with the influential Mourad Mazouz and his record label ‘Most Records’.

In 2002 sketch was born…an exciting time for Mathieu, not only responsible for the DJ selection at the venue, but also an authority with sound design within each room. With a distinctive ear for music, and an array of sounds to encapsulate London…the music circuit has been a home away from home. Working on sound design and music programming for a plethora of venues in London, Mathieu’s music projects have included…Bar Music Hall, Double Club, digital distribution (Believe), and synchronization (Form Music)…

Mademoiselle Jayne

Resident DJ

Dj & Sound designer, MademoiselleJayne was Radio Sex Mode's programming Director for 3 years. She has started a new project called Radio[lab] . Her Creations have sights of confessions where interweaves conversations and delectations. Different journalistic subjects were treated as : Censorshirp / If Fashion Doesn’t exist ? / Radio Active for Japan. From a Clash Electro & Rock background. She rides minimalistic’s waves with a powerfull energy when she interacts as a Dj . References:VOGUE Fashion Night FR / SANDRO Japan Night Brussels /Festival de la Mode Hyéres 2014/House of Peroni / BMW /Louise Blouin Foundation / Lux4good/ TheOther Art Fair / YSL UK / Cafe Royal / The ART Room Paris / sketch London / Shoreditch House / Chez Maxim's / WhO’s Next Paris 2011 /Paul Bocuse Mandarin Hotel Geneva / Le Pin Up Bar Paris / 3.9.6 rue St Honoré / John Galliano , Pierre Hardy / Stella Mc Cartney...  www.radio-lab.co.uk 

Follow her on MixCloud to get a taster of what to expect from her cool minimalistic sets.

Alex Gromadzki

Resident DJ

A decade’s experience divides into a definitive tripartite career to summarize Alex as a DJ. Playing to receptive local crowds in the Midlands, Alex gained a niche following of local house music enthusiasts. They would, however, eventually lose him as he moved over to Spain to broaden his horizon on the continent, literally and musically, before relocating to London. It has been through this series of relocating that Alex has proved, if ever a real DJ needed to, his ability to provide and survive as an au fait, music lovers’ DJ, regardless of overshadowing ethnical and cultural trends in any given area. This doesn’t mean to say that his sets are vague in genre, but rather bespoke to the notion of the environment and its atmosphere. 

Having essentially supported himself as an independent DJ, Alex’s recent rise above the glass ceiling came through embarking on a philanthropic drive to hone the experience which he aims to deliver during a performance – much inspired by the Berlin nightlife circuit - to a crowd which clearly favours an ear for music, over an eye for status. 

Currently, whilst working as an autodidact as far as music production goes, conversely Alex can be found amidst an array of West-End clubs. Here, his creativity and efficacy in crafting an idiosyncratic atmosphere which respects numerous genres, reflects and justifies his clearly inclusive, inspiring and tasteful ideology and approach to selecting music. Alex believes in observation and understanding, and not necessarily following, and through the underrated ability to listen, has manifested his own art, in respect to his sets, which take inspiration from earlier and contemporary DJs – predominantly house DJs who Alex himself followed at a most influentially malleable time - youth. The very bottom line is: Alex is a DJ for the people; he looks forward to making you dance. Not the end.