sketch's floricultural event in celebration of spring is back

17th - 29th MAY

in partnership with

"What is beautiful, if not the impossible..."

including work from...

Carly Rogers Flowers Jam Jar Flowers Tony Marklew Rebel Rebel Figa & Co

A concept which seems at odds, but is our favour, a philosophy that blurs sensory borders.

Drawing inspiration close to home, honouring London’s favourite horticultural event, sketch’s very own floricultural celebration of spring will be showing for a second year running from 17th to 29th May 2017.

sketch’s second flower show for Mayfair is set to fragment its grounds into allotments. Five canvases on which the exhibitors will install their gardens, exploring their personal relationship with 9 Conduit Street whilst showcasing their craft and passion for the British flora

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Exhibit 1 - The Facade
The Land of Nod - Carly Rogers Flowers

The Land of Nod - Carly Rogers Flowers

The other side of Eden...
Horizontal overgrown vegatation has taken over No 9,
climbing the walls, spilling out of every window, door, crack and crevice

Exhibit 2 - Entrance Hall
The May Fair - JamJar Flowers
The May Fair - Jam Jar Flowers

Travel the trail to the May Fair...
Through a country lane, a floral tunnel...
One can still hear the market cries - "Lavender! Oranges! Fortunes!"

Exhibit 3 - Reception
House of Dior - Tony Marklew
The Land of Nod - Carly Rogers Flowers

A garden of grey and rose...
An ode to the House of Dior, celebrating their 70th Anniversary this year Mr Dior, a former tennant, once set his London atelier and showroom in the early 70’s at No 9 Conduit St

Exhibit 4 - The Lecture Room & Library
An Expedition to the English Garden - Rebel Rebel
An Expedition to the English Garden - Rebel Rebel

A Wardian case of quintessentionally "English" flowers.
A museum of curiosities... A floral planetarium revealing the species true origins where all is not what it seems...

Exhibit 5 - The East Bar & Pods
Delphinium Jungle - Figa & Co
Delphinium Jungle - Figa & Co

Sweeping curves of delphiniums in tonal range from white through sky blue to deep indigo. Joining clouds of topiary in varying shapes around the pods, evoking the feel of a stately English garden, out of which the ‘chrysalis’ emerge...

Also part of the show....

"And what is that on your head?"
Well, what is life without our Piers?

Piers Atkinson Partnership - Botanical Head Space
Botanical Head Space - Piers Atkinson

sketch favourite milliner is back! Back with bespoke floral head pieces.
His latest collection for sketch will be worn by front of house ambassadors throughout the show