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Martin Creed is one of the foremost contemporary artists in the UK today. Based in London, Creed is internationally acclaimed for working across a multitude of disciplines including installation, sculpture, music, dance and film. Popularly known in the UK for his Turner prize winning presentation of Work No. 227, The lights going on and off, he has had numerous solo museum and institutional exhibitions as well as work commissioned for the public realm including Work No. 1197, All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes, which will mark the start of the 2012 Olympic season.

Martin Creed at sketch Gallery

Martin, sketch this
In the first of a new long-term programme of artist-conceived restaurants, Turner-prize winning artist Martin Creed presents a series of functional and decorative works, creating an environment that is at once an exhibition, an artwork and a restaurant at sketch. Exemplary of the logical and welcoming systems that recur throughout his work, the floor, walls and furniture take the form of new artworks inspired by the boundaries of art and functionality.

Work No. 1347 consists of 96 different types of marble, in a formation of zigzagging lines across the floor, while Work No. 1343 is a new work specially made for the restaurant in which every single piece of cutlery, glassware, lamp, chair and table is different. This work brings together a mix of the mass produced and hand-crafted, from classic antiques to contemporary design from around the world. Four different wall drawings are overlaid by 18 paintings by Creed, including the series of four canvases Work No. 1100 (2011).

Martin Creed Gallery Martin Creed Gallery Martin Creed Gallery Martin Creed Gallery

An imaginative menu devised by French Master Chef Pierre Gagnaire

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